The Houghton Trail Event

The Houghton Trail 32k Cycle Ride

The Route

The 32k Mountain Bike Ride follows a separate route from the 14k ride and starts ahead of the runners. The trail also boasts stunning scenery, with one or two steep hills. The cyclists go off before the runners and take a different course so there is no clashing!

A few years ago the route was increased from 31km to approximately 32.9km. See GPS route traced in 2014 by Christopher Clark on the Garmin Connect website.

Download 32K cycle guide and map (pdf icon 773Kb)

Map of the 32k Cycle Route

For Your Safety

! Please note: The cycle routes are mainly off road so for the most part you can relax but we require cyclists participating in the event to wear a cycle helmet at all times during the ride. This a mandatory safety requirement stipulated in our insurance policy.

There is no policing at this event and we ask you to take the greatest care when cycling in traffic areas at road crossings and sections of tarmac, especially roundabouts and crossing the A30. There will be several Caution Signs around.