The Houghton Trail Event

Information for Entrants

The next trail event takes place Sunday 8 May 2022. The event starts and finishes at the Houghton Village Hall. Please report to the registration desk from 9.00am onwards to collect race numbers. Registration is now online only.

Before attending please read the safety aspects of the event terms and conditions.


Houghton Village Hall
Stevens Drove
Hampshire, SO20 6LP

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There is parking at designated areas in the village not far from the start. These car parks are signposted as you enter the village and open at 8.30am. Please try to be parked by 10.00am if you can.

Trail HQ Number

07494 375129

Consider adding this number to your phone contacts. Call if you require urgent assistance on the course. Course marshals will be carrying phones too.

Safety First

Please have an emergency contact number with you on race day to write on the back of your race number.

Attention cyclists! The routes are mainly off road so for the most part you can relax but we require cyclists participating in the event to wear a cycle helmet at all times during the ride. This is a mandatory safety requirement stipulated in our insurance policy.

The marshals are there to direct you, not the traffic. The event is not policed so be on the lookout for traffic as you would on a normal training route. There are a couple of sections where you cross over and/or travel along tarmac highway. There will be clear caution signs erected but we urge you to stay alert for traffic which has the right of way.

Let Us Know If You Do Not Finish

If you do not finish the course please inform the organisers. Part of our safety measures involves ruling anyone out as missing.

Start Times

The event starts around 10.15am with approximate start times for each particular race below:

14k / 32k Cycle Ride

Starts around 10:15am.
Route markers: red on white.

11k Canicross Run

Starts around 10.30am.
Route markers: black on yellow.
Drink stations at roughly 5.5km and 9.5km.

11k Trail Run

Starts around 10.45am.
Route markers: black on yellow.
Drink stations at roughly 5.5km and 9.5km.

4K Fun Run

Starts around 10.50am.
Route markers: red on green.

At the Finish

There are separate funnels for cyclists and runners on the village hall green. All finishers receive a medal.

There will be a marshal at the finish area to guide you. If you can, take a couple of minutes to familiarise yourself with the finish area before starting.

As already mentioned, if you do not finish the course please inform the organisers. Part of our safety measures involves ruling anyone out as missing.


Water for dogs will be provided at the Village Hall.

We ask everyone taking part in the event with their dog that they keep their dog on a lead during the event. This applies to all routes. For those taking part with a canine friend who did not enter the canicross 11k we request that they start at the back of the pack.

We also kindly ask that any dog waste is collected. Green waste bins will be provided for this at the Village Hall and also the start and finish lines. Thank you!

Refreshments and Facilities

Freshly home-baked cakes, sandwiches, tea, coffee and fruit juice will be available in the village hall. There are portable toilets in the village hall car park (but no toilets in the hall).


A raffle will be held on the day with 20 great prizes to be won! Tickets are £1.00 each and can be purchased at the registration desk. The winning tickets will be announced and prizes ready for collection at 11am.

Prizes have been generously donated by our sponsors and local businesses in Stockbridge. There is often a lovely cake contributed by our local cake decorator too! cake. Raffle proceeds are shared equally between the Houghton All Saint's Church and Village Hall.

Race Results and Photos

A subset of photos are usually published on the website within 24 hours after the event. The full set of photos are usually uploaded to a shared location within a week.

Result times are usually posted on the website within 24 to 48 hours after the event. If you have a query about the results please contact the organisers.

Route and Result Time Precision

The courses are not measured with a Jones counter and therefore the placing of all the kilometre markers is very approximate!

The published results are as accurate as we can make them. When many people cross the finish line simultaneously we may not always capture every person's time to the exact second.

And Finally

We look forward to seeing you!