The Houghton Trail Event

Sponsors and Contributors

Official Sponsors

Many thanks to the following businesses who each year contribute time and resources and without whose help the event would not be possible:

The Organisers

It takes the help of many people to put together an event typically hosting over 300. Planning starts months in advance and support continues after the event.

Thank you to the founders of the event Bob and Lucy Gosse who until 2015 handled marshal co-ordination and event ground work. Bob also planned all the running and cycle routes.

Thank you also to current organisers Olivia Underhill, Fiona Evans and Reg Goodwin, and from previous years Clare Stephens, Vern Middleton and David Broome.

Local Businesses

Every year local businesses provide professional services and much appreciated materials and support equipment. In no particular order we thank:

Photographers and Artists

We would also like to thank everyone who contributes wonderful photographs each year, in particular Noel Thomson, Jill Baker, Nicky and Jim Pascoe, Kevin Barwick and Tamara Bonnar. Thanks to Caroline Hopper for her photographs and hand-painted banners and posters from previous years.


We wish to give a wholehearted thanks to the helpful and cheery volunteers who give up so much of their time to help with all the numerous jobs: putting out signs, marshaling, baking cakes, setting up the courses, providing First Aid, parking, distributing leaflets, handing out medals, running the refreshment stall, taking very professional photographs .. the list is endless. You name it, they do it. Without the volunteers this event would not happen.

And finally …

Please read our feedback page to see how widely your help and generosity in giving your time is appreciated!