The Houghton Trail Event

Result Times 2010

A big thank you to the 280 competitors who supported this event. £2,300 was raised for the All Saints Church in Houghton thanks to your entry fees and tea and cake purchases! We had a record turnout, especially in the 14K cycle. Freddy Evans, aged 13 was the overall winner and 1st Junior for the third consecutive year. A new 31K Cycle course record was set by Christopher Clark in an astonishing time of 1:08:10, beating the record by 4 minutes and 18 seconds! Congratulations !!

In all there were 38 recorded finishers in the 4K run, 138 in the 11K run, 56 in the 31K cycle and 40 in the 14K cycle.

Full results can be found here:

Other results are as follows:

31K Cycle and 11K Run Biathlon Aggregate Times

1. James Silk M 16+ 2:24:57
2. James Blake M 30+ 2:32:06 The Jolly Boys
3. Robert Hutcheson M 40+ 2:32:06 The Jolly Boys
4. Paul Taylor M 40+ 2:32:06 The Jolly Boys

14K Cycle and 11K Run Mini Biathlon Aggregate Times

1. Kim Parrott F 40+ 2:12:00
2. Wendy Blandford F 40+ 2:15:57

Unicycle – 31K Cycle

1. Daniel Kelly M 16+ 1:59:16

Tandem – 31K Cycle

1. Simon Hall M 40+ 1:16:19 Andover Wheelers
Lee Gardner M 30+
2. Jim Pascoe M 40+ 1:31:11 New Forest Cycling Club
Nicky Pascoe F 50+

14K Cycle with Buggy!

1. Steven Griffin M 40+ 1:11:40