The Houghton Trail Event

On Sunday 5 May 2019

Only 10 Days To Go!
Only 10 Days To Go!
Please note: there are several changes for 2019 and registration is now online only.

Hi and welcome to the Houghton Trail, a cross country fun run and cycle event takes place each Spring in Houghton Hampshire UK and been running for over fourteen years now.

All the proceeds raised by the event are donated to the Houghton All Saints Church, and the Houghton Village Hall. We regularly see over 300 people turning up on the day come rain or shine!

This is a low-key village gathering and although rated as non-competitive there are those who understandably like to cross the line first! We hand out medals to finishers but not placement awards. We like to make it as enjoyable for competitors as we can and welcome your feedback.

The Routes

There are five running and cycling races to choose from that are all mainly off-road. Water is handed out at the start and finish with drink stations at 5km and 9km along the 11K run. The routes are not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs.

The 11K Trail Run - mainly off-road with pretty good terrain and only a couple of areas where it gets a bit rutted. This run is in a beautiful setting with a stunning section of bluebells around 6km. Being a little longer than the standard 10K run, this attracts middle and long distance runners as well as fun runners and walkers. The run joins the Test Way around 8/9Km and The Clarendon Way at around 10Km.

The 11K Canicross Run [new] - we are delighted to announce for 2019 an additional canicross 11k race specifically for canicross runners wishing to get off at a quick pace. The canicross runners will start 15 minutes before the other 11k runners and timings will be displayed in a separate results page. Water will be supplied for dogs at drink stations throughout the trail. Note: those who wish to run with their canine friend but do not consider themselves canicross runners are very welcome to enter but would register for the standard 11k or 4k run and start at the back, as done in previous years.

The 14K/32K Mountain Bike Ride - follows a separate route and also boasts stunning scenery, with one or two steep hills. The cyclists go off before the runners and take a different course so there is no clashing! Walkers start behind the runners.

The 4K Fun Run is all off-road and flat with one style to leap over. Perfect for children too.

The 5k Cycle Ride [cancelled] - sadly we have had to cancel this route due to low uptake and logistics so it is not available as of 2019. You can still download the 5k guide (pdf icon 116Kb)

Guides and Maps

Parking, Refreshments & Facilities

There are facilities for on site changing / WC and parking nearby. There are two toilets in the village hall for the ladies and three outdoor portable lavatories for the gents (plus plenty of bushes along the route!).

Refreshments are provided both inside the village hall and outside (if the weather is fair). Tea, coffee, home made cakes are all reasonably priced. All proceeds from the sale of refreshments and cake raffle also go to the Church.